Adriana João e Pedro Tavares

Adriana João and Pedro Tavares, authors of the new Fungo release

“onda dois ventos” is Fungo’s 14th release and is signed by Adriana João (AJ) and Pedro Tavares (PT). An album created in two days in Lisbon, which got together AJ’s violin with PT’s analog synthesizer, mixing vocals from both and sounds of different objects captured inside the studio where they composed and recorded.

After the necessary manipulations that were made later on, the result is an album with three tracks, a book of three chapters with a narrative that is both dark and seductive, extremely rich from the visual and performative point of view. “onda” “dois” “ventos”.


Adriana João

She lived in Portimão until moving to Lisbon in 2016. Her transdisciplinary work blends moving image, sound, performance, sculpture, photography and installation. Leaning on the perpetual immaterial link between everything that exists – whether we know it or not – it is almost always linked through the invisible, the impalpable, the inaudible, the odorless and the tasteless. Perfect cycles, imperfect cycles, air cycles, and patterns that derive from common tangents.

Pedro Tavares

(1997, Setúbal, Portugal)

He unites the visual with the sound through his video work, as well as through the various musical projects he integrates: funcionário (solo) and Império Pacífico (duo) – having as a motto the expression of daily life and all its facets, not as a continuous narrative but rather as a bridge between memory and the imagination that interprets it.



Composition: Adriana João and Pedro Tavares
Mastering: João Melo
Artwork: Adriana João and Pedro Tavares
Format: Cassette, limited to 50 copies. Contains a free download code and an A3 poster printed in risography.
Fungo #14. 2022


Foto AJ + PT © Madalena Ribeiro da Fonseca