A cross-disciplinary collaboration combining music, performance and visuals

In 1924, Fernand Léger explored the movement and dynamics of forms with Ballet Mécanique, a non-narrative film, in which a vertiginous succession of images parades in sync with the music created by George Antheil and where the idea of ballet appears linked to the fluidity of the human performance.

Thanks to the progress of technology, today we have new tools at our disposal to explore these secular concepts. Ballet Statique (Fungo, 2014) is a live performance that is based on the combination of music, movement and video. It brings digital compositions together with inputs of a voyeuristic camera, where the image considers the physical element and vice versa. The idea of static is present as a combination of forces that balance each other, but also through the image of a television, one of the symbols of technological environment.

Ballet Statique is a sensory experience that brings the body, sound and the optical in confrontation; a real time connection between technology and humanity.

live performance by
Performance ~ Lucília Raimundo
Musical selection
 ~ Nuno Patricio
video ~ Lucas Gutierrez