F—6.1 /rmx


Joan is a project by João Melo (aka Mind Safari). Strongly influenced by the soundtracks of japanese video games, Joan tries to transmit tense as well as melancholic moments along rhythmic pieces that stand out on his music. This single precedes “Joan”, his debut album.
Includes remixes by Farwarmth and Floresta Oblíqua.


Afonso Arrepia Ferreira is the name behind Farwarmth, author of “Beneath the Pulse” album (Alienação, 2016). Afonso is a member of Alienação, portuguese label and promotor.

Floresta Oblíqua
Mário Alex´s Floresta Oblíqua project reconciles the seat of musical hearing patent in Monsieur Alex alter ego with the will to create music of Der Subjective Mann, another one of its pseudonym.



Produced and mastered by João Melo
Remixes by Afonso Arrepia & Mário Alek
Art Cover by Nuno Patricio
February, 2018 . F#6.1