Kinbotte presents a powerful disc, both in rhythmic and melodic dimensions, in the opposite side of subtlety. The album features a remix from Clothilde and Charles Foster K. Artwork by Hetamoé.

The album features remix of Clothilde & Charles Foster K.
Artwork by Hetamóe. 



Pedro Niza adopted the name Kinbotte for his musical project from an alien character in The X-Files series. Living in Coimbra, at the end of 2016 the tracks he was putting on his soundcloud page began to attract Fungo’s attention. In 2017 he integrates “Sortido Fino 1” compilation and plays for the first time live on the presentation tour of this edition.


In addition to the solid musical project that she has been developing since the release of her album “Twitcher”, released by Labareda’s in 2018 and which has led her to play in some of the most important musical events in Portugal, such as Semibreve 2019, Sofia Mestre belongs to Fungo collective practically from day 1, a collaboration that began with her work as an illustrator. In this release, she co-signs for the first time a theme created from original material from another musician.

Charles Foster K.

A tycoon from the American press sector, he decided to drop everything and come to Portugal, where he took refuge in a Ribatejo village. It was not long before he got bored with the locals’ whack, and in 2016 he settled in Lisbon, starting to explore music creation software as a hobby after meeting a self-taught musician on Ilha do Príncipe street in Arroios.


Ana Matilde Sousa is a visual artist and an academic. In 2012 she began to make “japonized” comics under the pseudonym Hetamoé. Since then, she has presented works for entities such as Chili Com Carne, Kunsthalle Lissabon, kuš !, Ediciones Valientes. PhD student at the Lisbon Faculty of Fine Arts, she has texts published in books by publishers such as Routledge and Minnesota University Press.



Composed and mixed by Pedro NIza
Mastered by João Melo
Artwork: Hetamoé
January, 2020 . F#9