New project that puts together Afonso Simões and Borja Caro releases its debut album on Fungo.


“Olimpíadas de Pensamentos Acelerados” results from the meeting of the two musicians in the studio during the first pandemic lockdown, in 2020. The material recorded during these meetings resulted in seven themes, without any type of post-production, with collaborations by Joana da Conceição and Violeta Azevedo on three of them.

To enter on “these olympics” is to plunge headlong into an obscure journey with winding paths, as if we were constantly drawn to discover that we have returned to the starting point, in a long circular movement that takes us without resisting, without ever looking back. Based on a percussive base that crosses the album from one end to the other, wrapped in synthesizers and various effects, “Olimpíadas de Pensamentos Acelerados” is tribalism, voodoo, trance, hypnosis. An eternal return from which we don’t want to leave.


Artwork by Nicolai Sarbib.



Project born from the first lockdown of 2020, when Afonso Simões (drums and percussion) and Borja Caro (Max-Msp, synthesizers and effects) decided to meet in the studio, the result of affinity in musical tastes, kraut-rock and electronics of the years 80 onwards, new age, tribal music and techno. The group is an Iberian alliance where these affinities coexist with other languages ​​more affected by each: a certain tropicalism in the case of Afonso, through Gala Drop band, and a more “dark” aspect on the part of Borja (who leads Metametal project) and the city where he grew up – Madrid -, an expression of industrial music.


Nicolai Sarbib

Besides his work has a DJ and musician, he is the director of Thirdbase project, an artistic residency space located in Xabregas. He is also active in graphic design area, with a particular focus on music. He created numerous album covers for labels as well as communication pieces for music programming spaces.



Composed by Afonso Simões & Borja Caro
Mastered by João Melo
Artwork: Nicolai Sarbib
Format: Cassette, limited to 60 copies . Contains free download code and an A3 poster printed in risography.
F#12 . July 20201

Soroastra photo: © Miguel Ângelo Santarém