Tó Mauzão

Who the hell is O Grande Tó Mauzão?


The 13th Fungo release is entitled “O Grande Tó Mauzão”, and is signed by… Tó Mauzão. Nobody really knows who or what he is, it is said that he is a being that inhabits the seas and that feeds on boats. Apparently, it has already swallowed 10, the same number of tracks on this album.

The musical tone of “O Grande Tó Mauzão” has one foot firmly on electro and the other on a salad made up of pieces of tropicalism, Arab inspirations, trance and other sonic explorations. Humor, nonsense, melancholy, tension and naivety are some of the sensations triggered when we hear it.

The album has two versions: the digital one is different from the one on the cassette, and in this last one you can understand who is (O Grande) Tó Mauzão. So, for the mystery to be unraveled, you must listen to the tape.


Illustration by Miguel Resende Guerra.

Artwork by Nuno Patrício.

Track “Hilda” video by Robert Sommerlad


Tó Mauzão

The character exists in the animated series “Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom” and it was from there that Marco Guerra was inspired to assign the entire nomenclature of the project: artist name, album title and its tracks. The visual culture and narrative universe of the series, shown over and over again in the Resende Guerra’s living room, caused the musical birth of “O (Grande) Tó Mauzão”.


Miguel Resende Guerra

He likes to draw, design and build. He is very curious and interested in narrative, whether in book or audiovisual. At home, the pad of paper and the pen case are perhaps the toys he uses most. He drew Tó Mauzão, the basis of the artwork for this release, during the second lockdown, at the age of 5.


Nuno Patrício

Co-founder of Fungo, he is responsible for all the graphic work of the collective. Graphic designer by profession and passionate about music, over the years his work in composing images has been at the service of several institutions of a mostly cultural nature. He is currently Creative Director at Fluo / ADDB. In the musical area, he signs as Just Jaeckin (Dj).


Robert Sommerlad

Robert Sommerlad is a British animator based in New York City. He has been living, breathing, and making bad lifestyle choices since way back whenever. www.RobertSurname.com



Composed by Marco Guerra
Mastering: João Melo
Illustration: Miguel Resende Guerra
Artwork: Nuno Patrício
“Hilda”’s video: Robert Sommerlad
Format: Cassette, limited to 60 copies . Contains free download code and an A3 poster printed in risography.
F#13 . November 2021.