Tropic Noir

In “Bay”, Bruno Pereira reinvents himself, and it’s not surprising because the talent has always been there. One of the best kept secrets of the electronic music scene produced in Lisbon.

The album features remixes of BLEID and Caspian.
Artwork by Lucas Gutierrez. 


Tropic Noir 

Bruno Pereira is an artist and music producer from Lisbon, Portugal.
Studying arts very early in life and extremely passionate about collage art, he quickly directed his interest to electronic music, where he could modulate his ideas and feelings into sound.
He starts producing at the age of nineteen, influenced by techno and house artists, creates his first alter-ego, Over8, that goes on releasing three albums, eleven EP’s and various collaborations.
During those years his musical structure starts fluorescing into a rhythmically immersive and melancholic techno that peacefully stretches into a world of atmospheric attributes.
Feeling the urge to start a new chapter in his life, he creates Tropic Noir.


Her self titled tape BLEID (Labareda, 2017) and the EP Badness (Naive, 2018) with Violet keep in mind the diversity that can be found on her music. Most of all, BLEID is a supporter of music regardless of genres.


Activist of the techno scene since 1999, Caspian quickly became an important figure in the rave movement of the Great West of France. As a producer, his music travels through racy, epic, dark techno. 

Lucas Gutierrez

Digital artist and Industrial Designer based in Berlin.
Specialized in real time AV session projects pushing limits with its slightly chaotic style blending influences from motion graphics and industrial design. 



Composed, mixed and mastered by Bruno Pereira
Artwork: Lucas Gutierrez
November, 2018 . F#8